Geospatial Consulting

Consultancy & Earth Observation based solutions for
projects, studies, and evaluation in development cooperation

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What we do


We offer comprehensive and targeted consultancy to international development agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), and other companies, to maximize the use of Earth Observation for projects around the world. We support your projects with innovative, cost-efficient and science grade geospatial assessments.

Ready to go products

Building on years of experience, we use a broad spectrum of geospatial technology, including state of the art machine/deep learning and cloud computing technology, to deliver robust and science grade products in a range of areas – either as part of our consultancy or as on-demand products – from pre-processed satellite images to thematic maps.

Capacity development & Training

We provide capacity building and on-the-job training in the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and satellite Earth Observation technologies. We support your field survey planning and sampling.

THEMES & PROJECTS: Learn more about how your project can use Earth Observation

Agriculture & Rural Development

By using satellite imagery, assessing and monitoring of agricultural production becomes much easier — be it single fields, or entire landscapes. It is a powerful tool for spatial information on the land’s condition and to support land and water ressource management.



Maps of cropland extent, crop types, crop rotation, farmland parcel delineation.


Monitoring of crop conditions and growth to support more efficient farming practises, or monitoring of cultivated areas and crop types, including associated bio-physical indicators

Remote Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

Most projects in the field of technical or financial cooperation will have a requirement for environmental and social impact assessment. Satellite data, online surveys and geocoding make it easy to collect data. This simplifies ex-post evaluations, especially in regions that are difficult or impossible to reach. With satellite archives dating back for decades, retrospective assessments become feasible.



Support evaluation of projects under financial or technical cooperation, supporting ex-post assessments and impact measurement


Objective and comprehensive reports with historic and status assessments, qantitative facts to support evaluation


Project region targeting, dentification of land in need of project intervention (e.g. degraded land)


Support projects addressing the sustainable development goals

Capacity Development & Trainings

MapTailor has experience in the planning, design, and implementation of training courses and workshops on an international level and in development cooperation.



We provide trainings in the fields of remote sensing, GIS and geospatial analysis, for projects in agriculture, natural resource monitoring, or for project evaluation.


Our services include classroom or face-to-face teaching and learnings, background materials or fact sheets, to technical audiences as well as executive managers.

Who we are

MapTailor Geospatial Consulting GbR was founded in Bonn. We combine expertise in development cooperation, remote sensing, and geoinformatics. We base our work on open source software to follow the principles of digital development.

With whom we work

We work closely with international development agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other companies – worldwide