New Special Issue About Index Insurance Online

New Special Issue About Index Insurance Online

Together with our colleagues from the International Research Institute for Climate and Society, and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) we have a new special issue on „Earth Observation for Index Insurance“ online at MPDI Remote Sensing.

This Special Issue aims to (i) present and showcase the latest advances in remote sensing science; and (ii) discuss how remote sensing solutions can be mainstreamed into index insurance. The topic is of interest to a growing international community of researchers, development agencies, and private industry partners concerned with the application of financial instruments to address (weather-related) risks to smallholder farming in developing countries.

We invite the submission of articles that:

  • Research technological advancements relevant for index insurance
  • Research the potentials and limitations of remote sensing for index insurance
  • Investigate case studies and that demonstrate scaling up index insurance
  • Close the gap between remote sensing, insurance and agricultural risk management

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 October 2019

Find out more here:

Source of image: MPDI Remote Sensing